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Louis Vuitton (LVMH) brand new Parnassea leather series continues the consistent material and beautiful appearance, perfect and harmonious colors, from the poems that sotheby's Pal sent inspiration in the movement, the powerful and unconstrained style of imagination and precise structure. Paris MengBaNaSi region is the cradle of art creativity, Louis Vuitton inspiration and noble temperament also originated in this. In order Louis vuitton sale to honor the artistic atmosphere of historic city of Paris, this series of handbags and small leather goods are named after famous street in Paris: Alma, Vivienne. These familiar and inspiring -- name, as if to invite people to the picturesque streets of Paris. Four bag (including two Louis Vuitton classic handbag and two new handbag), and two small leather provide four noble cortex of choice. Each both fashion and personality. Touching the surface as the wonderful senses journey. Soft silky Racine natural cowhide mixed dark Cachemire soft leather, as if "Vivienne" street light during the day, and the compact luxury Box calf and radiant with the smooth sheen like night. Huizhou's iconic "Alma handbags" and "Sophia Coppola handbags" flowery colour, material selection Cachemire soft cowhide leather and Taurillon grain leather, add a new chapter for the distant legend. Elegant and durable, every handbag is a treasure; Beyond the short infatuation, become a unique and indispensable accessories with eternal.
Parnassea Alma handbags
The appearance of Alma Louis vuitton sale handbags with art deco style (art deco) architecture, the characteristics of long and pure; It was born in 1934, Louis Vuitton handbags, classic in the brand in the classical style of its own. Her prototype in 1934 by Gaston vuitton, from the creation of Squire Bag Bag; In 1955, this bag is to deduce and renamed the Champs - Elysees bag; In 1992, after a bit more creative, more suitable for modern life Alma handbags debut. Alma the word from the Place DE l 'Alma square, located at the centre of Paris and senna MengTian street - bank of rivers. And the name, Alma handbags contracted grace, having a unique style.
Parnassea Sofia Coppola handbags
In 2009, the American woman director Sofia Coppola (Sofia Coppola) to visit Louis Vuitton Paris Asnieres workshop, describes an ideal handbag styles йд йд precious and simplicity, the Speedy and Keepall two classic style slightly improved, on the basis of a new bag was born and become the classic brand. This package launched paragraphs small and miniature, it NaShun slip curve with the organization of the pear color, orange color and low-key bold colour such as black and white, all show charming temperament
Louis vuitton, hermes, gucci three major brands ranked the top three global luxury brands in 2013, Fendi (Fendi) and Coach (Coach) is the first time into the top ten. Survey MillwardBrown company list shows that 2013 global luxury brand luxury goods company has been committed to keeping the brand uniqueness and maintain a balance between using social media to attract new customers.
American actress Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams) endorsement of Louis vuitton sale
Whether in Facebook, sets, Pinterest or other social media platforms, the luxury industry brands are high above the one thousand party hundreds in brand uniqueness and attract new customers need to find a balance between the affinity.
Such as an ordinary customer is buying the brand after a small goods, the company is likely to be on twitter to send him a thank-you letter, but a couture customer could receive the company invited to special fashion show. Famous brand of luxury handbags coach is good at making full use of social networks and the Internet, it sent carefully selected customers more than 1.2 billion text messages. The top ten brands are: Louis vuitton sale, hermes, gucci, prada, rolex, chanel, Cartier, burberry, fendi and coach Louis vuitton sale - preferred treasure net! Gather the world's top luxury, the latest styles, the spot sale, online synchronous hair..

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